WARD: Well and Resilient Doctors was founded by Layth Tameem in 2017 at Southmead hospital in Bristol but is now operating throughout the deanery in order to provide well-being and mental health support to junior doctors.

We are first and foremost an organised peer support group and well-being service for doctors run by doctors. Those that support within WARD are registrar and above junior doctors, who have been through multiple assessments, exams and sign offs; have worked in the NHS for a long time; and can provide impartial vital advice and support on a range of topics including where to find the correct help and support and advice on the more mundane matters of being a junior doctor.

WARD aims to provide educational material to improve well-being on topics such as Burnout, Mindfulness, Sleep and Fatigue, Physical Health and beyond. Through workshops, peer support and close collaboration with the PSW and post-graduate support networks, we aim to improve the well-being of juniors doctors. 

We aim to provide this deanery wide, so no matter what trust you are in, you can access the support you need. 


WARD is now run by Ben Hylton, an Intensive Care Medicine trainee in Severn. Following an episode of burnout himself, improving doctor well-being is a particular passion and interest of his. 

Hopefully, WARD, with close collaboration with the PSW and Deanery can continue to improve all aspects of doctor well-being.