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Max Rubin

Max is currently working in the chief registrar role in Weston, come drop by the QIP office, he's happy to talk about anything. If not at work hopefully he's surfing

Craig Kirk

Craig is working toward a career in ITU. He enjoys board games, video games, reading fantasy, Sci-Fi and hiking. He can't wait to own a dog when he has the time.

Charlotte Hammonds

Is currently a F3 Clinical Fellow in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine. Likes anything that involves the outdoors, something arty or chocolates. Always here for a chat!

Emma Furzer

Emma is an FY1 working in Weston. She enjoys baking, yoga, reading, walking and swimming in the Clevedon marine lake!

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Support Available




The Director of Medical Education at Weston is Miss Viola Mathew. She can be contacted via the PGME.



Occupational Health

Available via the intranet 




Mr Mike Bould is the Foundation Programme Director at Weston General Hospital. He can be contacted via the PGME.





Return to training/ Pastoral Tutor


Bee is a Consultant Surgeon and pastoral tutor. She has an extensive colleague and trainee support portfolio and is highly recommended by those who have been distressed & needing support. She has good contacts at the deanery and wider NHS & can usually listen and work out with out with you a place to go that will help. All conversations are confidential. Please do not hesitate to contact her or ask her to contact someone. Be kind to yourselves and take a few minutes each day to relax as much as you can.


Associate FPD

The Associate FPD at Weston is Dr Guru Hosdurga, who can be contacted via the PGME.



Professional Support Unit

The Severn Deanery has a Professional Support Unit which aims to promote trainee well-being and personal development. Their team can provide support and assistance in tackling obstacles or key transitions, whether they be professional or personal.

Further information can be found at 



Your contact at the Post Graduate Medical Education Centre is Leander Dearnley, who can be contacted on


or Tel: 01934 881316



Severn Deanery Careers Service

If you are a doctor training within the Severn PGME, you are entitled to access free careers information, advice and guidance. This section provides resources to help you, whatever point you are at in your career pathway

Further information can be found at


If you are a Junior Doctor in the South West and want to find out more about joining the WARD Team, click here

If you are a Junior Doctor in the South West and want to find out more about joining the WARD Team, click here

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