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Dear WARD Colleagues


I’d like to first welcome all those that have recently joined us. At the risk of sounding like a cult, we are all here to support each other and our colleagues, so reach out and say hi!


I also want to thank all of you who’ve worked hard to support your colleagues during these uncertain and bizarre times. You’ve shown me just how amazing we can be even in the face of difficulty. Thank you



We’re hoping to tighten things up a bit this year as our numbers grow and there will be changes in how WARD is run in Severn. There are a couple of action points for all of you, these are highlighted.


If you’ve moved trust this august you should all hopefully have joined the WhatsApp group for your new WARD team. If not, the links to the WhatsApp groups are at the end of this email. Please join up up when you can and introduce yourself. 


Those that have paused their WARD activity for now - you don’t need to do anything!

Those in Peninsula - please bear with me, we’ll be starting things in the coming months. 


Firstly, we now have a Severn regional committee. 


I (Layth) will still be involved but will be working on WARD in general and WARD in peninsula. I’ll be leaving WARD in Severn to these lovely people!


Those members are:


Co-Chairs:  Laura Crosby, Stephanie Jordan, Aless Glover and Miranda Cole

Workshops/Education: Kirstin Dykes, Laura Crosby, Stuart Joy, Aless Glover and Sarah Walker

Website: Aless Glover and Tom Cope

Recruitment: Miranda Cole, Stephanie Jordan and Sarah Cowey

Merchandise: Charlotte Earnshaw, Sarah Clements and Kirstin Dykes 

Projects/Innovation: Stuart Joy and Stephanie Jordan

Treasurer: Stuart Joy and Sarah Cowey


You can contact the committee by emailing 

For Severn website changes please email 

For education and workshop queries please email

For merchendise issues please email 



Next, in order to tighten up the WARD teams, the committee have decided that we’d like each team to have at least three people fulfilling three key roles for their team. These roles are outlined below. In the first instance, can I ask each team to discuss amongst themselves and choose someone to fulfil the team leader role. Once decided if they could make themselves known to me that would be great. We’ll then go about filling the other positions within each team. 


Please let me know by August 14


These roles are:


1.Team leader (senior trainee). 

You will have access to the email address ( alongside couple of other senior trainees) and can field requests for help. General overview of the team and how its functioning, organising meetings etc. Including WARD involvement at eg trust/PGME trainee meetings. Will also attend regional meetings to represent RUH WARD at central WARD meetings. Organise handing over to incoming colleagues when leaving.


2. Education and recruitment

Leading/co-ordinating  the F1/F2 teaching programme ( but others will be delivering the sessions too ) - either new workshops or WARD regional workshops. Link to report back any feedback/activity to regional WARD committee. Recruitment drive for new members of WARD as and when needed (with support of the rest of the team)


3. Website and Publicity

Ensure trust page on website up to date in liaison with central website team (no tech skills required). Keeping eye out for potential opportunities within the trust to advertise WARD E.G mental health days, roadshows, grand rounds. Ensure team has enough merchandise (also coordinated centrally).  


That is all for now! We hope you’re all well! We’ll see you about


And thank you once again!


WARD Severn Committee





1. Welcome all

2. Please join a WhatsApp group (links below)

3. Please pick a Team leader for each group and let me know by the 14th August

4. Please consider volunteering for another team role



WhatsApp group links:


UHB (Bristol) 


NBT (Southmead) 


RUH (Bath) 




GWH (Swindon) 


WGH (Weston) 


MPH (Taunton) 


YDH (Yeovil) 


P.S. Do not share these links - we have been hacked once!

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