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Jim Blackburn

Jim is a senior trainee in Anaesthesia and Prehopsital Emergency Medicine.  He’s been mentoring junior doctors and medical students for a few years and has an interest in acute stress, human factors and ergonomics.  He’s a keen runner, cyclist, as well as passionate about traditional archery and outdoors living.  He is mad about dogs (especially his Fox Red Lab, Isca) and is always up for a pint and a quiet chat or a good walk. 

Deborah Scott

Deborah is a post-CMT specialty doctor in oncology, mainly based in outpatient clinic and on the chemotherapy day unit. Always happy to talk through any issues/concerns over a cup of tea!

Antash Daryanani

Antash is a Clinical Teaching Fellow with time evenly
split between clinical and academic duties

Katie Pass

Katie is an ST3 Anaesthetic registrar at Great Western Hospital. She's very interested in medical education and trainee wellbeing and has learnt the importance of a good work-life balance over the last few years. She's a friendly egg and enjoys tea and biscuits.

Rachel Rajadurai

Rachel is one of the Clinical Innovation Fellows at GWH. her time is split between Paediatrics and Academy. She is particularly interested in Medical Ethics and is always up for any lively chats or discussions! 

Gabriela Venticinque

Gabriela is originally from Brazil and came to UK in 2017 for the foundation programme. She is currently a Clinical Innovation Fellow. 
Indoor climbing, cycling and travelling are her favourite activities outside the hospital

Dawood Razzak

Dawood is also a Clinical teaching fellow in Swindon as
well as an avid cricket fan

Ellen Haire

Ellen is one of the trust's Innovation Fellows. Her time is split between AMU and the Academy, and is always available to talk through issues, big or small

Anna Fairclough

Anna is a CT2 in General Surgery at the GWH. She's always free for a chat about anything (work or not!) so please drop an email/whatsapp if you ever have any questions, need support or just want to get a hard days work of your chest

Maeve Mclaughlin

Maeve is currently an F2 in Swindon, but originally she's from Derry in Northern Ireland.

Rachel Dimery

Rachel is an F2 who is currently working at GWH. She is always happy to have a chat and discuss any issues or concerns!

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Arthur Cotton

Arthur is an ST5 Surgical Registrar - always happy to have a chat, he gets lonely otherwise! When his not fixing the havoc his two sprogs have caused, he’s pursuing tennis, skiing and scuba diving

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Support Available


Saaria Ahmed (Deputy Medical Education Manager)​

They always have tea and tissues!

Tel: 01793 605434


The Director of Medical Education is Sue Chalstrey

If you feel you need to speak to someone other than your FPD about an issue, you can contact Sue via the PGME or on

Bill and Sarah

Bill and Sarah are consultants, not associated with any official processes who can help with a multitude of things including helping with being away from home and accessing healthcare. A great resource.

Sarah: 01793 604890

Bill: 01793 646215

Guardian of Safe Working

The Guardian of Safe Working is John Grice. He can be contacted via email on

Occy Health

This department can help with physical and mental health matters affecting your work.

Contact via the Trust intranet

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Joseph Hawkins is a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, and Palliative Care Consultant. He can be contacted on


Jess Daniel is the Foundation Programme Director, Pastoral Care and Consultant in Sexual Health.


Jess is passionate about the training of foundation doctors, and can be contacted via the PGME or on

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If you are a Junior Doctor in the South West and want to find out more about joining the WARD Team, click here

If you are a Junior Doctor in the South West and want to find out more about joining the WARD Team, click here

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