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Great Western Hospital

Support Available


Saaria Ahmed (Deputy Medical Education Manager)​

They always have tea and tissues!

Tel: 01793 605434


The Director of Medical Education is Sue Chalstrey

If you feel you need to speak to someone other than your FPD about an issue, you can contact Sue via the PGME or on

Bill and Sarah

Bill and Sarah are consultants, not associated with any official processes who can help with a multitude of things including helping with being away from home and accessing healthcare. A great resource.

Sarah: 01793 604890

Bill: 01793 646215

Guardian of Safe Working

The Guardian of Safe Working is John Grice. He can be contacted via email on

Occy Health

This department can help with physical and mental health matters affecting your work.

Contact via the Trust intranet

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Joseph Hawkins is a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, and Palliative Care Consultant. He can be contacted on


Jess Daniel is the Foundation Programme Director, Pastoral Care and Consultant in Sexual Health.


Jess is passionate about the training of foundation doctors, and can be contacted via the PGME or on

Contact GWH WARD Team

Email or use the form below

Any communications between you and WARD will be treated in the strictest of confidence and only seen by our most senior WARD doctors on a need to know basis!

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