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Welcome new GP trainees!

We would like to welcome the GPST1s who have just joined Severn in the February intake, we hope you are settling into your new jobs and have had contact with your supervisors.

The Severn GP trainee committee produce a handbook each year which is packed with useful information, including advice on study leave, exams, work schedules, expenses, welfare, and contact details for all the patches.

You can find the handbook here:

In some patches (Somerset, Bristol and Swindon) we have buddy schemes running, pairing new GPST1s with people who have been on the training scheme for at least 6 months. We hope this will make it easier to find out useful information e.g. how to get to teaching, who to speak to if you have questions about your job or the training programme in general, or simply a friendly face to meet you at the first teaching session.

Hopefully you have already been given contact details for your buddy. If not, email your patch administrator (email addresses are in the handbook - see link above).

Bath and Gloucester: we don't have a formal buddy scheme running in your patches, however watch this space for updates and hopefully we will have WARD reps in your area later this year. In the meantime, please contact your local TPDs and supervisors, GP trainee committee patch representatives or welfare reps, if you have any questions about support available to you (details are in the GP trainee committee handbook).