WARD Study Day - 9th Jan 2020

We held our WARD Study date at the Musgrove Park Hospital Academy building which was kindly funding by the PSW at the deanery.

It was a great day with a good turnout - lots of exciting and interesting discussions during our long lunch.

I described for those that didn't already know, the idea and history behind WARD and what we hope it becomes.

Mark spoke to us about the WARD structure and Ed spoke to us about the educational impact of WARD.

We then asked Kat Herneman to talk to us about SuppoRTT and where we can find more information to signpost to our colleagues.

Finally, Fran Millinchamp discussed the different ways we can signpost our colleagues and the avenues of support available to all doctors in the region.

You can find all the presentations used in our faculty area or click here

We also held an AGM of sorts in the afternoon and discussed forming working groups from interested parties to continue to further WARD throughout the region. If you signed up take part we will email you separately. If you'd like to join a working group, click here.

We will hold another networking even in June - tbc!

As always, any questions, drop me a line!


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