Keeping up to date....

Its hard keeping track of where everyone is within the deanery and life! So to help us out please do these 5 simple things....

1. You join your local trust WARD WhatsApp group. Links are here

2. If your name and picture are not on the website then please email with a picture of yourself and a one liner about yourself including what grade, speciality and trust you’re currently in.

3. If you’re on the website then you’re part of the WARD group and therefore will have your name as a contributor on publications and posters.

4. Help out your fellow WARD team members if you’re able to. If you’re mid exams and in the thick of it and can’t contribute now then thats fine, but let whomever is leading your team know so that they can better understand the team.

5. If you move trust and join a new WARD team, then let us know so we can update the website, join your new teams WhatsApp group and say hi!

Have a great day!


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